Sunday, September 20, 2009

Having Fun Cruising in Danube River in Bavaria

Another week is almost coming. We just watched over the television the Oktoberfest parade in Munich, Bavaria. It is very interesting seeing groups and participants with their own costumes and motifs that brings back German's history especially the Bavarian culture and tradition.

Back to our cruise yesterday in Danube River. We started the cruise in Kelheim, a municipality in Bavaria, Germany. Our cruise ended in Kloster Weltemburg, a baroque monastery located directly on Danube River. That was about an hour trip from Kelheim to Kloster Weltemburg but it was a fascinating cruise seeing the different sights especially the rocky hills along the river. You can also see the Befrieungshalle or the Liberation Hall, also called Hall of Freedom built by King Ludwig I, King of Bavaria while cruising.

We took our lunch in the Monastery and had the chance to visit again the famous Asamkirche or Asam Church with its magnificent frescos on its ceiling and the beautiful paintings inside the church. This is already our second visit to this place but it is our first time to had a cruise in Danube River. Over all it was a very nice experience.

I will try to give you more information in a couple of days about Kloster Weltemburg, Befrieungshalle or the Hall of Liberation and the famous Asamkirche or Asam Church. Have a great week ahead!

The boat where we boarded during our return trip from Kloster Weltemburg to Kelheim.

You can see on top of the hill the famous Befrieungshalle or Liberation Hall.

at the Donaudurchbruch or Danube break through...we had a beautiful experience here! we are ready to take off and go to Kloster Weltemburg.



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