Friday, September 11, 2009

Visit To The Auto Show in Regensburg, Germany

I am quite exhausted right now. I should be finishing this post before I sign-off but it seems that it took me forever. I chatted again with my sister in Las Vegas just a few minutes ago. I have been calling my other sister back home also for some important information about her Visa to Europe. I hope we will have a positive reply from the Embassy tomorrow. I mean today. I did not notice that it is already past midnight.

Here is an old timer Mercedes Car. I took this picture during the Auto Show in Regensburg last May of this year. There were a lot of new and old timer cars which were on display. The old ones were the highlight of the show. This Mercedes caught especially my attention. I guess this one only needs good car body kits to look more better and presentable. This is still running. The car's owner is still driving this. I guess if the owner know where to find great car body kits he will be more happy driving this Mercedes. He needs to visit to find any body kits for this auto. You want a new look to your car? Feel free to visit their site and start shopping of what you need. Lastly that was a great time seeing that interesting Auto Show aside from the entertainments that they provided to the visitors that time. Have a wonderful weekend ahead!


chrissred said...

This car is awesome! The built reminded me of our car when I was little, tapos when I looked closer at this picture it was a Chedeng pala! These old cars are still sought after, I know someone who collects vintage. Our VW here in the Philippines, though sold to another, is still running. 1968 I think. I pray that someday I can buy it back. Great tip you got there on where to find body kits!


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