Friday, September 11, 2009

The Historical Red Phone Booths in London, England

I really don't know a lot about these historical red phone booths in London but I guess I know its importance. I also heard that the old Telecom red phone booths are considered to be an icon for London. Even though we own a cellphone but time comes when the battery is empty or maybe it was dropped accidentally and you need to call somebody due to emergency. What you see in London streets are red phone booths. In fact I noticed that these booths are available in every corner in London. Better to always have coins with you to use for calling. It is also said that the newest version of these red phone booths already accepts credit cards and prepaid cards. This is just for your information. Aside from its historical value, it is also very important for its practical use during emergency.

Here I am striking a pose in front of these red phone booths!


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