Saturday, September 12, 2009

Volksfest, Festival in Neumarkt, Bavaria, Germany

Good evening everyone! Let's talk about festival again. Life is just so short that we will not enjoy it. The picture below was taken during the parade of Neumarkt Volksfest in Bavaria, Germany. This celebration is also a part of Bavarian culture and tradition. It is a festival which is held in this city every year during the month of August. It usually last for a week. I guess it's been five consecutive years now that I always attend this festival. It is always fun and I love it. Last month was the first time that I witnessed their parade. I was amazed because more than hundreds of groups participated during the parade.

These horses below are huge and are also adorned with decorations. The white building you with the watch is the City Hall of Neumarkt. I was inside this building as the history of this city was told to us during my German language course. Have fun viewing the photos in this blog.



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