Friday, September 11, 2009

The Interesting Double-Decker Bus in England

After the historical Red Phone Booths in London and Old timer Mercedes in Regensburgt, I am featuring now the double-decker bus in England. I can't exactly remember how many times did I rode in this bus during my stay in England. Let's make a bit mathematics now. If I stayed in England for 21 days and rode these double-decker buses every day, it means that I rode these buses for around 42 times. I hope you get it guys! The one that you see in the picture above is a modern one. I took this photo in York, England during our sightseeing trip.

Would you think the old double-decker buses need job design body kit? In my own opinion, I guess yes! so that it will look more attractive and interesting. The old ones are considered historical now. If you own cars like Mercedes, Lexus, Infinity and other brand of cars and you want to enhance more style and luxury in it, a job design body kit would be great. How I wish I can do like that to my Smart For Four Car. But due to financial reasons, I can't do it right now. If you want to have a more exciting driving experience and a more attractive car, you can visit I just found out that they offer more products and services for autos like car wheels, brakes, interior and grills. Have a safe and sound driving experience!

Feel free to click the photo above to enlarge. Have a great weekend to all! It's for me to have a short break!



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