Monday, September 21, 2009

Watching the Model Train in Nuremberg, Germany

Good evening everyone! I had a very hectic and busy day today. I am also tired but I am happy because I finally finished packing one of my Balikbayan boxes. The most tiring part was the bringing down of all those stuffs from our attic down to the living room. I am still not done. I guess I will be packing three boxes more. I hope I can finish packing this week. Our living room now looks like being hit by a tornado with all those stuffs scattering around for my balikbayan boxes.

Anyway back to my title. Have you seen the photo I got here? I guess so! This is a model train we saw in the train station in Nuremberg in Bavaria, Germany. If you put a Euro coin in the machine the train here will run. I tried to put 2.00 Euros last time and I had fun watching the train running on the rails. I also grabbed last time a magazine in an electronic company where we visited last June of this year. The magazine had a list of Model Trains which are very interesting. I also watched last time over the television of some people who have the passion of collecting model trains.

As I was browsing the net tonight, I saw a site that offers a software for modelers. It is a model train software where modelers can built and develop buildings, apartments, model trains, miniature objects or any structure of their own design, style and ideas. I know some people who have passion about these stuffs. Evans Designs, a company since 1997 will help you provide quality products regarding model trains and its software. I just found out that they also cater for international customers. If you have a passion for such things, feel free to visit this site. Don't forget to click the photo to enlarge. I hope to give more updates tomorrow!


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I love model trains. Watching them. I know that there are people who spend fortunes on building their setups and love to show them off.

Regina said...

Such sophisticated train model.
When are you coming back?. I'm leaving too.


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