Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Snowing in Germany

Good morning! Here is the night owl again sharing some photos from the earliest snow that she experience in her whole life in Germany. Last Thursday as I went grocery shopping, it was already snowing but not so much. Yesterday it was snowing quite hard. This is the earliest snow that I experience in our place after six years of living here. We have been turning sometimes our electric heater. Another wooden heater is also running from afternoon until midnight or till I go to sleep. I simply love the warm of the wooden heater or fireplace compared to electric. HB also ordered a pellet-oven for use as heating. I guess it is economical compared to electric heater. Imagine we saved around a thousand Euros a year as we started to use our fireplace. In a few days, we might have already the pellet- oven or heater that HB ordered. I need to stay warm in this very cold season.

Here are some photos I took yesterday as we drove to Burglengenfeld, a municipality that is around 20 minutes drive from us.

This is the castle in Burglengenfeld. I took this photo as I was standing in front of the clinic where HB had an appointment yesterday. sorry guys, the photos I have here are not really professionally taken. I just love to click my camera but I don't edit them. How I wish to be a good photographer..wink! goodnight! time for the night owl to sign-off!


Regina said...

That 's early? Beautiful post and shots.

Hilda said...

It's already snowing there? Eek. Honestly, I can't imagine myself surviving the cold. How long before you got used to it? Or do you even get used to it?

Euroangel said...

Hi dear Regina,
happy to see yah around...yup this is the earliest snow i experience here for six years now...normally it is snowing in december..but this time is just so early..

Euroangel said...

Hi are you..thanks for visiting..i really don't have a problem with winter time. you just need the right winter clothes and you will stay warm all the time...sometimes it can be very expensive because of the heater that we must use..

one thing i don't like, I can't enjoy going somewhere or sightseeing around anymore..

thanks for all your visit..take care guys!

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

ga snow na diha sa inyoa?

diri wa, ay di man gyd mi kaayo snow hon diri, tugnaw lang ug sigi ulan.

sigi, ari na ko.....

God bless


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