Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Miss The Beach

This is a special post today because I will be featuring some photos from home. I miss the water and the beaches back home. I guess our house is just around 10 meters away from the beach. The photo above was just taken a week ago and was sent by my sister through email. I am very happy that I will be home again next month. Imagine it has been three long years that I have not seen my family, relatives and friends. Finally I will be seeing them again in more than a month. I am also planning to visit Myrtle Beach Resort in the future.

I visited a blog this week and the blogger who happened to live in this place was featuring Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort. She features interesting photos of the different beaches here especially Myrtle Beach Resorts. Her description of the place and the beautiful photos she shared attracted me to come to this place. When finances are available next time, me and dear HB might spent some vacation there. I guess I will be visiting US next year to attend my sister's wedding. I will also try to convince them to visit Myrtle Beach. I also visited one travel site today who is offering a drawing for 4 night stay in a two bedroom condo. I want to participate in this drawing because they accept guests from all over the world. Imagine when I win this promo, I can stay in one of wonderful Myrtle Beach Resorts for free! You might want to visit Towers On The Grove to also enter to their promo.

Finally, the photo below was taken in Malapascua, as island in Cebu Province in the Philippines. I visited this beach last 2000. I also want to visit it again this year. Enjoy watching the photos guys and I wish you all a great afternoon!


Marites said...

tagal mo na palang hindi nakauwi ano. I miss the beach too. Am a beach bum kasi. Anyway, I do hope you'll have a grand time next month upon your return home here in Pinas.

Jane said...

That beach is beautiful, I am not surprised that you miss it-I think I would too:)


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