Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's Time To Go Skiing!

Another week is almost here! We are coming to the 4th week of October now. I am happy to hear about my family back home after chatting with them this noontime before we left to Parsberg. I also received some messages online from my friends all over the world from US to Australia, Switzerland, Philippines and England. I am happy about it even those kind words are just enough to hear again from some old and new friends.. I guess you already know that last Thursday until Saturday it was snowing in our place. The snow melted immediately because it was also followed by rain water. Winter is almost here and skiing time too. In fact in some parts of Germany like in Garmisch Partenkirchen, you can already go skiing.

Are you ready to go skiing? I wish I can experience it in other places like Colorado. My cousin told me that there are great ski resorts there. You also don't have to worry with skiing gadgets because Beaver Creek Ski Rentals will deliver your ski equipments right in front of your door. I believed this is a great idea especially if you travel from Europe to North America. You don't have the hassle of overweight luggage in bringing your ski gadgets because Beaver Creek Ski Rentals will provide you with it. Whatever ski equipments you need, they simply have everything. I also read some positive reviews about the great customer service of this company. I will see if I can catch the winter in US after my long vacation in my home country. Dear sister is inviting me there! For sure, this will be another fun!

I almost forgot to mention about my photo above. This was taken last winter time somewhere in Bavaria, Germany, the place that I consider my second home. Goodnight guys. Have a great week ahead!



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