Monday, October 19, 2009

Travelling and Shopping in England

Another week is finally here and October is almost ending! I just remember my trip in England last year. Time flies by so fast that it has been a year now since I visited England. I also did some shopping in England. Not that much because I already have overweight luggage. Some stuffs were even left in a friend's house there. The picture you see in the photo was taken in Thornton's Arcade, a shopping mall in Leeds, England. I was amazed how many shopping malls I saw in Leeds last time. I only went window shopping there with a friend Ross. I thought shopping in England is expensive but you can also find a lot of shops and stores that offer cheap items.

Now I don't have to worry about overweight luggage when I travel because I can already go for online shopping. I also love to shop for bargains or promo items. I guess Buxr is another site where you can find interesting stuffs that are on sale. Being a bargain hunter, I believed I will love this site. Perfect timing because I am searching for some gadgets that I need when I travel like USB flash drive and HB is also looking for a new Motherboard for his netbook. I also found cheap laptops on their hot deals. I want to add this site to my fave list of shopping. You will not only find cheap items here but also online friends. Are you a bargain hunter? Join this site and have fun shopping too! I love that Lenovo netbook but I still need to save for my long vacation back home. have fun viweing the photos here!


Marice said...

hey sissy.. thanks for droppin by.. following all your blogs.. hope ull follow my other blog too..

up now and whats next

patricia said...

The best things in life is to shop and dine when traveling. High street is one of the popular shopping place in England where I've been impulsive that time to shop.


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