Saturday, October 31, 2009

Olympia Park in Munich, Germany

Before the month of October is ending, I am bringing you to Olympia Park in Munich, Germany. This was constructed for the 1972 Summer Olympics. I always see this place when we pass by Munich but only last September 2009 that I was able to go inside. There is an entrance when you go inside. I guess it was 3 or 4 Euros per person. I already forgot it guys. You can probably try to browse in the net. Olympiapark as it is written in German, is located in "Oberwiesenfeld" or "upper meadow-field" in English. Now it serves as a venue for cultural, social and religious events. Here is a photo of me from this place. I wish everyone a great start of November.

striking a post in Olympic Stadium in Munich, Germany


RennyBA said...

I remember that stadium - thanks for taking us with - looks great.

Happy New Month to you too :-)

RennyBA's Terella

My Public Secrets said...

Sis,grabe pasyal ka lang ng pasyal ;-) I love it!


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