Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Autumn Time in Europe

Good evening guys! I arrived home at around eight o'clock tonight. I attended for the first time a burial ceremony in Germany. That was really sad especially when someone in the family or person who is closed to us is gone but that is life. I drove around 60 kilometers to my friend's house. I decided to drive to the back road instead of taking the motorway. The surroundings around is very astounding at this moment. It really fascinates me on how the trees change to different colours. This is the true beauty of nature. I am thankful that the weather was very friendly. If you also read my other blog, I am evading the cold winter in Europe this time. I am finally going home for vacation starting next month. I just need to do a lot of things there. I guess I need a new granite tile for my kitchen. There are just so much things to do in the house including minor renovations. Finally I want to let you know that I took this photo today while driving on the back road. More updates tomorrow guys. I am just so tired now. take care peeps!


RennyBA said...

I love autumn - I mean, every season has it's charm and fall is the season of colour you know :-)

RennyBA's Terella

patricia said...

Autumn is the lamest season of all and when I'm traveling, I usually want to travel spring or summer. But that's a great shot.

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