Wednesday, October 14, 2009

St. Martin Church near Bull Ring in Birmingham, England

This is the first photo that I browsed in my files to share here. You can see in the background St. Martin, a church located between Bull Ring Mall and the markets in Birmingham, England. It said to be the original parish church of Birmingham. This Victorian church was said to be constructed in the 13th century. It has the following dimension; from east to west the length of the church is 155ft., including the chancel, the arch of which rises to 60ft.; the width, including nave (25ft.) and north and south aisles, is 67ft.; at the transepts the width is 104ft.

This is one thing I love about Europe, the historical buildings and architecture that are still preserved up to this time. You can also see in the background that hand statue that holds the world. I don't exactly remember the name of this statue. I will research about this one next time. Of course, that's me again in the photo..feel free to click the image for a bigger view.


Life Moto said...

the church is so classical and beautiful from a distance. even better from the inside.

Ang ganda pati nung statue na mga kamay.


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