Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Collecting Euro Coins and Bills

I was trying to find photos of my Euro coins and bills collection but it seems that I can't find it right now in my file. I have more than hundred thousands of photos in my 400 GB external hard drive and finding it right now seems impossible. Sorry guys. Hopefully next time. Last time, dear HB also asked me about the US old gold coins that my sister had given me during my trip in the US last year. He found out that one 5 cent gold coin already cost around 300 dollars. HB told me that I have some collections that are valuable. I also bought last time some gold plated Euro coins to add to my collection.

I just collect anything from old bills and coins to porcelain capodimonte, ceramics, crystals, porcelain dolls, tea sets and a lot more. If I have a lot of money, I might want to buy some gold bullion coins to my collection. I know that gold are investments that will never fade. In fact, it is considered to be the world's most liquid investment. That is maybe the reason why most women love to shop and collect gold jewelries and bullion. I hope you won't disagree with me about this.

Since I only found a photo of some old German bills in my files, this is the one I am sharing for now. I took this photo as we visited last time the Freiland Museum in Nabburg, Germany. It was a very interesting museum featuring the old ways on how people live including their techniques, equipments, old houses, livelihood, gadgets and a lot more.



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