Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm Going for a Vacation To The Beach

I am so busy this week trying to pack-up things for my long vacation to the beach. Oh yes, I will be enjoying the beach, blue sky and sunny weather very soon. I am done packing my baggage but I have to unpack it again because it exceeded the required weight limit for check-in luggage. I decided to pack the excess baggage in a balikbayan box. I hope I can finish it before the end of the week. Anyway, have you heard about Myrtle Beach Golf? I am quite familiar about Myrtle Beach resort but this is the first time I heard that they also have a golf course there. How I wish I can visit this place one day. I would love to see the beautiful beaches in South Carolina.

How about this picture above? This is my home sweet home in Cebu, Philippines. Our house is just around ten meters away from the beach. I can go swimming and diving there everyday when I want. If you live in the US, this place might be very far away from you. You better spend for some Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations if you live near or around South Carolina. Ttimes Only offers Golf Packages Myrtle Beach in any resort you want. All you need to do is simply browse the best one in their site. This can be full of fun and excitement especially if you love playing golf. You can also avail of other facilities in the area plus their good customer service. I just read some good information from blog and find it very helpful. Get your Myrtle Beach Golf Package now and have fun! I will spend first my vacation in my home country and hopefully early next year, I can visit U.S. again.


Jag said...

Happy trip!:)


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