Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Passport, Visa Requirements to Enter Qatar

I am almost flying home. I am quite skeptic whether I will go out from Doha Airport to meet some friends there. I have a waiting time for 6 hours in Doha before proceeding to the Philippines. For my own information and maybe for anybody out there who wishes to visit Doha, here are some passport and visa requirements to enter this country. I still have to think of this before making a decision. Hopefully before the end of the weekend, I can already find it out. I also want to make some research about Qatar. Sorry guys, this is off topic here. I just want to document it for my own information.

"All tourists visiting Qatar should hold a valid passport, appropriate visa, travel documents and other medical requirements and documentation.

Everyone except Gulf nationals needs a visa for entry into Qatar. The facility of availing visa on arrival exists for citizens of Europe (Austria, Andorra, Denmark, France, Finland, Holland, Greece, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Iceland, Luxemborg, Liechtenstein, Portugal, Monaco, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, San Marino, United Kingdom and Vatican.) and Brunei, Hongkong, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and USA.

The entry permit that is granted on arrival is a “Transit Visa” that permits the visa holder to stay in the country for fourteen days from date of entry and is subject to change without notice.

All the other passport holders from other countries are required to possess visa before arrival.
Visas are required by all other nationals (other than Gulf nationals) except the transit passengers, whose tickets indicate that they wish to continue their journey from the airport within eight hours.

Visitors on tourist visas must fly in using Qatar Airways.

All visitors are required to have an onward or return ticket, QAR5000 in cash or its equivalent in foreign currency, and a hotel voucher, else, an international credit card must be shown.

While single-entry visas allow a stay of up to three months, multiple-entry visas permit stay of six months, two years or five years.

source: onlineqatar


MarlyMS said...

Hi ruby,
uli d ai ka? have a safe trip ha?
we just had our vacation sa PI last month. we really had a great time with the family.

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