Friday, February 19, 2010

Goodnight Europe

I don't know what is happening now because I can't upload some pictures here. I guess it is time for me to bid goodbye online. I am quite sleepy now after a long day of doing some things. I just wish everyone a stress-free and wonderful weekend. I believed most of you will spend it with your family or friends. Goodnight Europe! Good morning Philippines!

Another highlight I want to share is about a certain weight loss program. My dear sister in Las Vegas already gained extra pounds since she lived there for almost three years now. She and her husband are trying to lose weight now. I believed they need a very effective weight loss program to achieve their plan. I am joining them. I also want to make more research about this.


patricia said...

Problem on the IP that may turn out to a slow loading from PICASA(image uploader host of blogger), just a guess why you can upload pictures here. About the weight loss plan, I think you may lose weight if you will travel too much and of course less your rice intake dear.

Euroangel said...

dear patricia, thanks for the info...i guess ur right!


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