Monday, February 15, 2010

Hello Europe, Goodbye Philippines

I am back! I am finally back in Europe since yesterday. Dear HB picked me up in Munich International Airport and he was very happy seeing me once again. I guess he had a great Valentines day too! I was a bit sad about the weather here. It is totally the opposite in the Philippines. I am wishing to be backed in warm PI but I can't. I guess an almost three months vacation is enough. Anyway it is not really a vacation because there are some small projects that I took care of. HB was also happy with the accomplishments that I made there especially some improvements in our house in Cebu province. I am welcoming myself in cold Europe and in freezing Germany in particular. Thanks to all friends who frequently visited my blogs while I was away. I truly appreciate all your time and effort. Thank you very much for all! I will see you soon!

The picture below was taken yesterday in Munich International Airport when the plane I boarded landed. More photos and updates in my other blogs.



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