Monday, February 15, 2010

Cold Freezing Winter in Germany

My husband had been telling me about the weather in Germany while I was still on vacation in the Philippines. He said that since 25 years that he live in our place now, this is the first time that it is always snowing so hard. Can you imagine a very high file of snow outside our house now? I forgot to take a picture of my husband's car which was already covered with snow. He was using my car when I was away on vacation. I am also trying to adjust to the weather right now. I hope that I will also feel better after being caught by bad cough during my vacation. Sometimes when it is very cold, we feel that our face is getting some wrinkles. I gave my anti wrinkle lotion to my sister before I flew back to Germany last Saturday. I need to buy a new one tomorrow when we go for grocery shopping. I also need to visit our doctor for some medical check-up. I hope my bad cough will be away soon. The picture above was taken yesterday in one of the small villages we happened to pass-by while on our way home from the airport. I guess you can imagine now how cold our weather is. Better star warm all the time when you live in a place like this.


James said...

Your photo looks like it could have been taken here. We got about about 3 feet of snow last week and more is due tonight and tomorrow.
Stay warm. :)


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