Thursday, February 18, 2010

Passing-by at Burglengenfeld Castle in Bavaria, Germany

We went to this town yesterday to buy pellets for our heater. We are currently using electric heater and pellets oven to keep the house warm. HB said that since he live in Hohenfels for around 25 years now, this is the first time he experience the tremendous cold and snow during winter time. You can at the image below the tower of Burglengenfeld castle. The tower of St. Vitus Church is also visible in the picture. I can't remember exactly how many did I already visit this town. Probably around hundred times since I live in Germany. This town is around 20 minutes drive from where we live. Here is the photo I took personally.
Burglengenfeld is situated in the district of Schwandorf, in the state of Bavaria on the Naab River. The castle is relatively recent, compared to European standards. It was constructed during the 18th century by a noble family and is today used as a home for special needs children.



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