Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter Trip in Gut Aiderbichl, Austria

I remembered something told by some friends from the Philippines. They said that they want to experience snow there. I told them that never ever dream about it in the Philippines because snow time is really very very cold. Anyway back to the main topic. Have you experience having a winter trip? I believed there are a lot of people who go for skiing or simply go for a winter holiday to enjoy this season of the year. I had a winter trip last year with a friend in Austria. One of the places we visited was Gut Aiderbichl. Feel free to browse my labels here for more pictures from this place. This place is a haven for animals from different countries in the world.

Another highlight for today is about natural fat burner. This is what I have been looking for to eliminate my excess fat. I can't imagine how much fat I gained in almost seven years of living in Europe. I need to discipline myself to stay healthy and fit all the time. To all friends in winter lands, stay warm all the time.



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