Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Windsor Castle in England

I was talking tonight with my HB while we were watching TV. I told him that time truly pass-by so quickly. I also mentioned that next week comes March already. It's more than a year also that I visited Warwick Castle in England. You can see the exact date when I saw this marvelous castle in the picture above. It was truly stupefying! I also wish to share a travel tip for you. Always bring with you some medicines or tablets especially pain relievers when traveling. You don't know when you experience headache or toothache anytime during your travel. Both pains already happened to me but toothache is the worst one. You might not visit a dentist immediately for check-up.

Lastly I took the photo above at the main entrance where the visitors always enter when visiting the castle. This is such an amazing architecture and how the British government preserved it. Don't you know that Windsor Castle is the biggest occupied castle in the world? Yes it is! I guess that's all for now. Good evening folks!


Dexter Nicholson said...

Well I envy on you cause I want to go there. Even you have experienced a rocky situation, I mean your tooth aches, definitely your head will suffer also because it's connected(I already experience that one), that piece of architecture truly a masterpiece for me(but there's some rumors that the armors there are moving).


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