Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Funny Travel Images

Funny Pictures

Can you imagine visiting Vancouver Canada to witness 2010 Winter Olympics? How I wish I was there. You might be wondering about the picture above. I was there through this photo funny thing I found in the net! Actually guys, I am laughing at this moment while uploading this picture at Isn't it cool? I also have a funny photo taken somewhere out there in the second picture. I know this place is somewhere in Europe but I just can't figure out right now. If I have to guess, this might be in Germany, Netherlands, Italy or maybe in Bulgaria? Any information out there would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Did you see me in the third picture here? I know this is in Paris, France at the famous Moulin Rouge. I did visited Paris last year in March and I love it there. You can see me pointing at Eiffel Tower in Paris at the last image. If you want to create photo funny, feel free to visit Picjoke. They have new photo effects everyday and you can create it in less than 60 seconds. Feel free to choose the many photo effects in their websites. I know for sure you will have some fun just like me!

Funny Pictures

Any idea where this place is ? I just visited this through Picjoke. I hope to visit it one day.

Funny Pictures
I already visited Paris, France last March 2009. We also passed-by Moulin Rouge but sad to say I was not able to take a picture of it. Maybe next time again!


Anonymous said...

Nice Image from Vancouver :)

rencalago said...

added your all your links already in my "blogroll" section...
please add me also..

ren calago

Jane said...

Great nightshot:)

Jane said...

The picjoke dotcom photograph is from Brüges.


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