Wednesday, March 31, 2010

American Friend Will Visit Europe

My friend from the United States is already very excited to visit Europe this coming summer season . She sent me an email last night and said that she has been shopping for a light trolley to bring with her in her travel. She was also asking what will be the weather in Germany especially in Europe during summer time. She also asked me if it is possible that during our sightseeing in other countries, we will just rent-a-car and I go around. I guess that is not a good idea for me because HB does not want me to drive to far places without him. Traveling without him is fine but he won't allow me to drive a car when traveling. I am also not sure if we will get our own insurance when driving rent-a-car. Off topic guys; HB is planning to buy a new car. I believed he will also search for discount auto insurance. I am quite excited for him. I still don't know what car does he want to buy this summer season. if I am not mistaken he is already eyeing a car when I was in the Philippines. This will then be a surprise for me. I will see! Finally I want to wish you a wonderful start of April. I hope that this month will be a better one for all of us!



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