Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Decos in St. Ullrich Church, Hohenfels in Bavaria, Germany

Good day everyone! The month of April is finally here! Since it is Easter week, I would like to share these pictures taken in St. Ullrich Church, Hohenfels in Bavaria, Germany. I took this image when I went to the bank last Tuesday which is located near the church. I also went inside the church to lit some candles and offered some prayers.

In Europe, Easter Bunny and Easter egg hunts have beocme part of the holidays's modern celebrations by many Christians as well as non-Christians. There are also some Christian denominations who do not celebrate Easter.

the Easter Egg decoration near the Forrelenbachtal and St. Ullrich Church in Hohenfels

the amazing frescos of the Church's ceiling is one of the features of the Church. It was painted by the famous [painters Asam brothers.



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