Monday, March 29, 2010

Planning for Summer Vacation

Winter is over! Calendar Spring time is also over in Germany. Yesterday was already the beginning of summer season. I am hoping that this summer will be full of travel and adventure again. A friend from the United States is visiting us and we are planning to have a little tour in Europe. We are planning to spend some days vacation in Holland. I don't have much ideas yet where to go in Holland. I know that Keukenhof garden is a good place to visit. I am thankful that I found some travel tips at Web-Articles. One of the places they featured from Holland is about Volendam. Thanks to this information you provided to us folks. I am quite excited for a Dutch fishing experience.

One thing we also need to find out with this upcoming travel is a place to stay. My friend from the U.S is already starting to search for cheap hotels in Europe. While browsing for this in the net, I also stumbled at Web World Articles. Thanks for your information regarding it. I also found some job opportunities with descriptions in this page. It is quite interesting because I am also currently looking for job. Are you also looking for a job in a hotel? Why not visit this site.

I also found out that we can share our travel experiences with these sites. Isn't it interesting? I might give a try next time. Feel free to visit these sites if you have any topic to share on the web.

Lastly, I am sharing this picture here which was taken in Warwick Castle in England last November 2008. For sure I will share to all of you the images for this upcoming Europe travel.


RennyBA said...

How about the Oslo Blog Gathering in August - to meet up with bloggers from all over the world - are you joining us?


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