Thursday, May 20, 2010

Island Paradise Vacation

I believed most part of Europe now are still having a cold and rainy weather. It's been raining in our place for three weeks now which make the weather cold and wet. Normally at this time of the year, I can already wear a t'shirt because the sunshine is here but now our heater is still on because of this cold weather. How I wish I am on vacation right now at Great Barrier Reef Resort and enjoying the sunshine at the beach. Are you familiar with Orpheus Island National Park in Queensland, Australia? I am thankful to the power of internet and computers where we can see images of this island paradise. You can experience a luxurious Great Barrier Reef Accommodation if you happen to stay at the exclusive hotel of this island. How would like to enjoy swimming or surfing at the beautiful beaches here? You might also want to experience a sunset cruise, scuba diving, seaplane charters, canoeing or simply go wishing. If not, you might want to go with the guided tours around the National Park and see the beauty of the island. Seeing the beautiful sunset here is also a spectacular experience!

Being voted among the "Top 10 Luxury Holidays", Great Barrier Reef Hotels will surely give you the pleasure of having a luxurious vacation in the island. I can't imagine sipping a glass of wine while looking at the sunset in this beautiful island. I wish to visit this place in the future. Probably when I win the lottery. For now, I am just sharing my little island paradise in my home country.


patricia said...

sería magnífico mirar una puesta de sol en esta isla paradisíaca!
un beso.

Ruthi said...

Wow... my hubby will surely love this because he is a scuba diver. My friend in Australia had been inviting us for years and we still have not decided yet. Maybe this is the right time to go.

Marie said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog. Looks like we have a lot in common...a filipina who loves to travel the world. You're so lucky to be living in Europe, it's my favorite continent to visit, especially France. Looking forward to reading your travel adventures!


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