Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Euro Travel in Freystadt in Upper Palatinate, Germany

I already started writing this post last night but was not able to finish it. I was just so tired and sleepy already. Here is a quick information about Freystadt. It is a town located in the district of Upper Palatinate, Bavaria, Germany. It is well-known for its beautiful Pilgrimage Church named Our Lady of Perpetual Help or simply called Wallfarhtskirche Mariahilf in German. You can visit my Explore Germany site for some pictures of this church. The picture I have below is the Altstadt or Old City of Freystadt. You can see the Rathaus or Town Hall, a gray colored building on the left side, the Church's tower and some shops in this topwn. That was a perfect weather yesterday as we made a sightseeing here.

the Altstadt or Old City of Freysdtadt with Rathaus and Church's tower.


Ruthi said...

Love the yellow building.


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