Thursday, June 17, 2010

Altstadtfest in Neumarkt i.d. Oberpfalz, Germany

I already shared some images from this festival in my other sites. Feel free to browse them in my header. Altstadtfest comes from three German words alt, stadt and fest. These German words mean simultaneously in English Old, City and festival. In short Altstadtfest in my own understanding simply means Old City Festival. if I am not mistaken this fair is always celebrated in the month of June every year. The festival was quite interesting especially if you want fun. You can simply sit down in any of the stalls here and might want to enjoy a sip of beer while listening to the live band. One thing I love during this festival are the different foods and delicacies from other countries like Turkey, Greece, Brazilian, Italian, German of course, Chinese and some other more. I suppose you want to know where to buy apidexin cheapest after tasting and eating all the different delicacies that are available during this festival. I tried Italian pizza and hubby ate Chinese noodles during our visit here. Feel free to enjoy the pictures here. Don't forget to visit my other sites fro more images.
people surely had fun during the three-day Altstadtfest in Neumarkt last June 11-13, 2010.


dutchbaby said...

Looks like a fun festival. I love the step gables and that beautiful clock with the golden hands.

pilgrimchick said...

I think it is interesting that at an "Old City Festival," they are featuring cuisine from other countries. I wonder if that is representative of the population in the city, or if that is traditional somehow. Looks like fun.


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