Monday, June 14, 2010

My Euro Travel in London, England

Hello folks! It seems that I was away here for a week. I don't really know what to share here today but since I picked-up first this picture below, I have no choice but to post his image taken during my first ride in London Eye. Imagine going around London alone? Hubby said that I really don't have any fear travelling alone. Sometimes he is afraid of what will happen to me travelling alone. I believed that is the spirit of being adventurous in me and I have a strong faith of only thinking good and positive. Actually during my first visit in London, a friend accompanied me here and it was truly a great experience. The second time I came back here, I also met a couple who are my friends. Joy's husband was the brother of my classmate back in college and he also toured me in London. During my last day here, I was left alone because my friends had to go to work already. So here I am alone in London Eye. It is a great experience riding the biggest Ferris Wheel in Europe. Is this the biggest now? I guess so.
Alone in London Eye. You can see in the background the Big Ben, The Parliament, the River Thames and the different buildings in London...such a great experience!


Maria Zélia said...

Adorei sua visita ao meu blog e fiquei muito feliz ao ler seu comentário. Suas viagens parecem ser fascinantes!
Um grande abraço!

Jeneffer Hayden said...

It will be an amazing experience of your life...Enjoy it and I also inspired from you.Thanks for sharing your experience....


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