Tuesday, June 1, 2010

United Kingdom visa requirements

I had been asked a lot of times already what are the visa requirements to enter United Kingdom. Some friends from social medias like friendster and facebook also asked me questions how much is the cost of a plane ticket in going to UK or any European Union countries. Some friends are also asking me where to get travel insurances to travel in any EU countries. I am not really an expert about this but I can share a little information about this. I would suggest that you can search it in Google or maybe visit the website of the country that you wish to visit in Europe. If you are traveling in a Schengen member state, you need to apply a visa to a member-country which will be be your main destination or your point of entry.

You can find some information about Schengen Visa here. You can also visit below URL address if you are from the Philippines who want to apply for a visa to UK.

Below are also some information for UK Visa Requirements

"In July 2008, the UK announced the results of its first global review of those needs a visa to come to the UK against a set of strict criteria to determine the level of risk they pose to the UK in terms of illegal immigration, crime and security. The review would determine whether the nationals of 11 countries would require visas by the end of 2008, unless the countries in question take measures to reduce the perceived risk they pose to the UK. The new visa rules announced on 9 January 2009 require that the nationals of South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho and Bolivia to obtain a visa; only Venezuelan nationals traveling on electronic passports issued since 2007 may enter the UK without a visa; and the existing visa-free status for the nationals of Botswana, Brazil, Malaysia, Mauritius, Namibia and Trinidad and Tobago is maintained.

The following individuals can enter the United Kingdom without a visa:

As of right

* Citizens of European Union member states
* Citizens of non-EU member states of the European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and Switzerland
* British Nationals who do not have a right of abode in the United Kingdom of the following categories:
o British Overseas Territories citizens
o British National (Overseas)
o British Overseas citizens
o British protected persons
o British subjects

please visit wikipedia for more infos


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