Sunday, July 11, 2010

Road Signs and Driving in Germany

I am quite tired and sleepy now. Morning has broken again! I can't exactly remember how many road signs you can find in German roads and motorways. I went to the German driving school last 2004. It was quite expensive. In fact very expensive for me because I spent more that 3,000.00 Euros for my driving license. I can't remember now how many road signs I need to study and memorize to pass the theory exam. I did self reviews for my driving theory exam but did not took alli reviews because they are not related at all. I passed the theory exam and only had one mistake. Imagine at that time, I still cannot speak and understand German language. I am thankful that I made it. You can see some samples of road signs in my image here. When you see that 30 sign, it means that your driving limit is only 30km/h. Understand! or else you might pay a penalty for over speeding if the Polizei or police will catch you. This was taken as we visited a friend in Ramstein Miesenbach. Drive safely!


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