Sunday, August 29, 2010

Europe Summer Adventure is Over

Europe summer adventure is finally over. I mentioned in my previous post that I am slowly back to the blogosphere. Yes, I am but I am still not in full power. It seems that I am still having a jet lag after an almost three weeks adventure in Europe. Me and my friend did had a great time exploring different interesting cities in Europe. As usual, part of traveling is also shopping. I bought some travel souvenirs like postcards, magnet, shot glass, key chain and a lot more to be added to my travel collections. I guess I also need a scanner software soon so that I can slowly scan all the postcards that I bought. I wish to make another site for all the postcards and souvenirs that I have from my travel. My friend who is my companion during my Europe adventure had surely arrived safely now backed to the United States. I believed she also had a wonderful and memorable vacation here in Europe. More travel updates to come soon!



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