Saturday, September 4, 2010

Featured Article: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart toured Italy

It took me awhile to upload this image here. I guess my pc needs a replacement soon. Finally, I was able to upload it. That yellow house you see here is the birthhouse of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a famous musician and composer. This was taken during my second visit in Salzburg, Austria last November 2008.

I decided to share the featured article below because it seems to be very interesting sharing the life of one of the famous people of all times. Feel free to find me in the image below. Have a great weekend too!
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart toured Italy with his father Leopold three times between 1769 and 1773. The first, financed by performances for the nobility and by public concerts, was an extended tour of 15 months to a number of major Italian cities. The second and third journeys were to Milan, for Wolfgang to complete operas that had been commissioned there on the first visit. From the perspective of Wolfgang's musical development the journeys were a considerable success, and his talents were recognised by honours which included a papal knighthood and memberships in leading philharmonic societies. Each of Wolfgang's operas written for Milan's Teatro Regio Ducal was a critical and popular triumph. In the course of the three visits he met many leading musicians in Italy, including the renowned theorist Giovanni Battista Martini, under whom he studied in Bologna. Leopold also hoped that Wolfgang, and possibly he himself, would obtain a prestigious appointment at one of the Italian Habsburg courts. more here



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