Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Planning for Your Europe Travel

I was talking to a friend last weekend about traveling in Europe. She was surprised how we were able to visit a lot of cities and countries in around three weeks. She also loves to travel but now that she just gave birth to a baby boy, traveling is not her priority. Besides that traveling can be very stressful sometimes especially if you have a little baby with you. Probably with the help of
phil and teds explorer stroller, traveling can be lighter because you don't need to carry your baby or toddler all the time. I also told her that she need to plan her travel ahead. Early booking for flights and hotels can be of great advantage because you can have it cheaper most of the time. I told her that we planned our Europe trip since last March of this year. That is also the reason why we had it cheaper. Thanks to the invention of computers and internet because searching for cheap vacation online has been very easy and faster now.


Jag said...

Ang sarap ng buhay. Vacation galore! hehehe...


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