Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Up On Europe Skies

Good evening Europe! Half an hour more and we are coming to the the last day of September. I can't imagine that time passes-by so quickly now. I can still remember the month of August when me and a friend from the United States had a tour in Europe. That was also the reason why I have this image here taken in Europe skies while we were heading to Rome last August 11, 2010. Seeing the "Eternal City" was a very great experience for me.
Off topic: I want to click here later to get some information about a certain plan that is playing in my mind.

We were boarding Air Berlin when I took this image. It was the first time that I experienced boarding this plane. It was quite a good plane compared to Ryan Air. I had a very bad experience with the latter. I hope not to board in it again. Goodnight folks! More travel experience to some soon!


Ian said...

I always took this kind of shots whenever I ride a plane... this kind of pics are priceless memories of travel.


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