Monday, October 4, 2010

My Euro Travel in Stuttgart, Germany

Let's go travel in Europe again. This time, I am bringing you to one of Germany's interesting cities to visit. It has been a long time since I wanted to visit Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg's capital city. Finally, I was there! Stuttgart is the sixth largest city in Germany. Like Munich, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, it is on the top-ranked list considering both economic and social standing.

During our visit, I am wondering again if Stuttgart has its own dialect. I was hearing other language. And yes, they are! If you can speak Hochdeutsch or High German, there is no problem for you to visit this city. English is also of great help to communicate with some people. Stuttgart's nicknam is called Schwabenmetropole (Swabian metropolis), a reference to the Swabian dialect spoken by the locals. In that dialect, the city's name is pronounced Schturget or Schtuagerd.

Visiting this city for a day is not enough to see all its sights and historical architectures. I am wishing to visit it again one of these days and might probably stay for some days to explore it more. Here are some images hubby took of me during our visit last weekend.

taken at the Schossplatz or Castle Square. It is one of the main sights in this city. You can see in the background the Neues Schloss or the New Castle. Schossplatz is the biggest square in the city center of Stuttgart.
You can see the Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof in my background. It is called in English as Stuttgart Central Station and is written in a short form, Stuttgart Hbf. It is the largest regional and long-distance railway station in Stuttgart, the main node of the Stuttgart S-Bahn network, and, together with the halt at Charlottenplatz, the main node of the Stuttgart Stadtbahn.



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