Friday, November 12, 2010

The Funny Dog in Cologne

This time I will not be sharing an image about historical buildings, monuments or any form of architecture. I will be sharing a memorable experience while walking on the vicinities of Cologne, Germany. When we were at the Cathedral square that time, we saw this dog wearing a pair of eyeglasses. The people gathered around the fountain where this dog went swimming. He was a star at that moment because a lot of people was looking at him and were laughing on his outfit. It was really funny. We enjoyed it too!

About shopping in Cologne, I guess I can't find nba shirts in any shops in this city. I believed the best way to shop for it is online. It just came to my mind because I was thinking that these shirts can be unique presents this coming Christmas holiday especially for my brothers and nephews. What do you think guys!

Have fun looking at the dog with eyeglasses!


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