Monday, November 8, 2010

Meeting Friends in Frankfurt, Germany

I am finally home! The five days trip to Frankfurt and nearby cities is finally done. I was able to see and met once again some friends from my home country. They already left very early this morning to catch their flight back to the Philippines. I remember last Monday night when Roselle was asking if the hotel we stayed-in in Frankfurt has some scales to weight his father's luggage. Sad to say, the hotel don't have one. The one in charge in the reception told us that one customer borrowed it some weeks ago and forgot to return it. As we were already at the airport last Tuesday to accompany my friend's father who need to go home earlier to take care of some official function, we are happy to know that the baggage did not even reach the weight limit. He is a congressman in North Cotabato, Philippines and must go home immediately to attend a certain European Union meeting held in Manila yesterday.

That was a great opportunity spending some time with them and showing them some nice places in Germany. More updates and images to come soon!

taken last Monday in Frankfurt, Germany when I met some friends from my home country.
This is the Roemerberg (Römerberg in German) in the old city of Frankfurt.



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