Saturday, December 11, 2010

Autumn Shopping in Stuttgart, Germany

Hello everyone! It seems that I was absent in the blogosphere yesterday. There are just errands that we need to do that's why we are out of town. I am finally back now and will be bringing you to Stuttgart, the capital city of Baden Württemberg in the southern part of Germany. I had a nice sightseeing experience here. Shopping is also great in Stuttgart. I would like to let you know that when you buy electronics and appliances in Germany, there is normally a warranty or guarantee from one to three years. Taking for example the 3 year laptop warranty I have with this new electronic that I bought last October. In fact, the first one being delivered to me did not function and I asked for an immediate replacement and I received a new one.

Lastly I can say that shopping in Stuttgart is quite interesting. There are a lot of shops, boutiques and stores here that sells and offer various products and services of all kinds. A day of sightseeing and shopping in this city is not enough.

p.s. Look whose in the image here!


Ian said...

dropping by... hows the holidays in Germany?


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