Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Europe Travel in Zurich, Switzerland

I had finally visited Zurich in Switzerland! But first of all I want to thank God for bringing us safe home from our trip to Zurich and Strasbourg, France. It was another memorable and interesting trip.

To begin with some information about Switzerland;
It is not a member of the European Union but a member of Schengen Agreement.
It is located in western Europe.
Just like Belgium, it is a landlocked country where it is bordered by Germany to the north, France to the west, Italy to the south, and Austria and Liechtenstein to the east.
Its monetary unit is Swiss franc (Sfr) which is divided in 100 rappen. The banknotes are in 10,20,50,100,200 and 1,000 francs. The coins are in 1,2 and 5 frans as well as 5,10,20 and 50 rappen.

I wish to share more about Switzerland next time.

For now, I wanted to share about Zurich.
It is the capital of the canton of Zurich and is the largest city of Switzerland. It is considered to be a leading global city and among the world's largest financial centers. It is also known to be the wealthiest city in Europe. That is probably the reason why I was amazed how expensive to go shopping in this city.

I was shopping for souvenirs during our visit and I was surprised because the prices are double and even triple compared to the other cities I had visited in Europe. The food are also double the price compared to Germany. So far, it is the most expensive city I visited in Europe.

I guess it is getting late now. I will share more about Zurich in my future post. Here are some of the images I took during our visit last December 12, 2010.

taken at the Christmas market in Zurich. It is an indoor Christmas market located in the train station hall. It is also the biggest indoor Christmas market in Europe and I believed in the whole world also.

The two towers of the Grossmünster Cathedral, the iconic landmark of Zurich.

That building right at the end of the bridge is the Fraumünster abbey of Zürich. It was founded in 853 by Louis the German for his daughter Hildegard. He endowed the Benedictine convent with the lands of Zürich, Uri, and the Albis forest, and granted the convent immunity, placing it under his direct authority.

we had an overnight at the Hilton Zurich Airport. It was quite a nice accommodation.


Ian said...

Wow Switzerland... I hear Swiss chocolates are great. Correct me if I'm wrong, language in Switzerland is also German?

Nilcha said...

wow nice trip. u ve a really nice blog here...


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