Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Villas to Stay in Spain

I am trying to think what is the date today. My calendar says that we are already on the 28th of December. It simply means that three more sleeps and comes 2011. Some people might be excited for the coming of the New Year. Before I proceed with my topic about villas in Spain, I would like to wish everyone a happy and a more plentiful New Year, full of love, peace, happiness and contentment always.

I believed most of you have a lot of plans for 2011. We are thinking the same. Since last week, I have been scanning the new travel catalogues that were sent to us. I am already trying to find the next cities and countries that I wish to visit in Europe. Included in the list is Spain. Places in Spain such as Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and especially Lanzarote are only some of my wishlist to see. Finding a Holiday rental Lanzarote is not that difficult since I already found a site for this.

Why these Places in Spain?

Lanzarote is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in Spain. There are amazing beaches in this place , fantastic restaurants to go to like kebap shops and pizza shops, clubs and bars to enjoy at night and activities like parasailing, boat rides or maybe an island hopping to nearby places like Tenerife. It sounds like a very interesting island to see and experience.

Barcelona Finance Center.

Barcelona is a global city and the center of finance, commerce, entertainment, international trade and tourism in Spain. It is also a historical city in Spain. Sights and monuments like Sagrada Familia, Arch of Triumph, Gothic Quarter in Catalan are only some of the interesting ones to see here.

Madrid on the other hand is the capital and largest city of Spain. It is the most visited-city in Spain. There are fascinating galleries, museums, churches and other historical monuments and architecture that are worthy to visit and see in Madrid.

Don't forget to browse for a vacation rental or villas in Spain when you are planning to visit this country. Lastly, Good luck for the coming New Year 2011!



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