Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Famous Manneken- Pis in Brussels, Belgium

Happy New Year! I hope that you all had a wonderful first weekend of 2011. I had quite a nice one and I can't complain about it. It seems that I was also away for some days. This blog had a little holiday break and I guess, let's begin to travel again.

I had already seen some images of Manneken-Pis in the internet and honestly, I don't have an idea about it. During my visit to Brussels, Belgium last August 2010, I finally found the statue of this very famous little boy. There is a good story I read about this legendary Brussels figure.

A legend says that a rich bourgeois had lost his only son in the crowd during popular festivities. After five days, he found him in the corner of Etuve Street, doing what the little man is doing. You know what I mean folks?

Manneken-Pis whose known to be people's friend has received many military and civil honours and distinctions. The Elector of Bavaria, Germany named Maximilian Emmanuel, gave him his first costume. Ever since then, the lords and burgesses have offerred him the most beautiful clothes. His wardrobe is probably the most varied and complete that has ever existed. There is a museum of his clothes in Brussels.

taken during my visit with a friend, Nonna in Brussels last August 2010.

see what the little man is doing? that is Manneken -Pis..a very cute figure in Brussels.



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