Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Euro Travel in Bamberg, Germany

Bamberg is a city located in Upper Franconia, Bavaria, Germany. This city was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage last 1993. It is a historical city and was not destroyed by World War II. Bamberg also called a City of Creches, the Rome of Franconia and International Cultural Treasure. Another unique name given to Bamberg is Little Venice due to its location on the river Regnitz close to its confluence with the river Main.

Here are some images taken during our visit last October 2010.

the river Regnitz in Bamberg, Bavaria

The bridges connecting to the Old Town Hall. The building in front is the Rottmeisterhäuschen and at the back of this is the Old Town Hall.

The Old Town Hall, also known as the Island Town Hall, since it is located between the spans of two bridges...see that second image here.

Some of the main sights are:

* Cathedral (1237), with the tombs of emperor Henry II and Pope Clement II
* Alte Hofhaltung, residence of the bishops in the 16th and 17th centuries
* Neue Residenz, residence of the bishops after the 17th century
* Old Town Hall (1386), built in the middle of the Regnitz River, accessible by two bridges
* Klein-Venedig ("Little Venice"), a colony of picturesque fishermen's houses from the 19th century along one side of the river Regnitz.
* Michaelsberg Abbey, built in the 12th century on one of Bamberg's "Seven Hills"
* Altenburg, castle, former residence of the bishops


Anonymous said...

Very nice pics. My wife comes from there.


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