Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sightseeing in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital and largest city of Netherlands. Unlike any other cities in Europe, you cannot find here a single Roman ruin, not even a Romanesque church or cathedral, no trace of Charlemagne. In other words, nothing!

But there are a lot of things to experience in this city. Some of it include seeing its museums, cruising in its canals, seeings its architecture and yes, shopping too! I forgot to look for Iphone 4 wood cases. I just remember that since they are famous for its wooden sandals, I expect to also find here wood cases for Iphones.

I bought with me again some travel souvenirs from Amsterdam. This image here is one of the souvenir shops where I bought some travel memorabilia.

I also would like you to know that Amsterdam is a city built entirely by rich traders and lovers of beauty.



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