Sunday, May 15, 2011

Trip to Boleslawiec, Poland

I never had an idea where we will be going during to that Poland trip. It was actually a pottery shopping somewhere in Poland. The place where we went to yesterday is called Boleslawiec. I am wondering why my image here says, "Bunzlauer Keramik". Actually this town is called Bunzlau in German and Keramik simply means ceramic.

Poland is already a member of the European Union countries but it is still not using the Euro monetary unit. I forgot to check before we leave yesterday how much is the equivalent of Euro versus Polish zloty. Don't you know that zloty literally means gold. I was thinking of a silver eagle when I think of zloty. The conversion rate that were mostly given by ceramic stores in Boleslawiec were a Euro is equal to 3.80 zloty and a U.S. dollar is 2.60 zl.

I am still giving you more travel experiences or maybe some pottery shopping tips if ever you are planning to visit this town.



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