Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Chamberlain Square in Birmingham, England

I am trying to remember my travels again. I was browsing my travel images awhile ago and found some pictures which were taken in Birmingham. It is located in West Midlands and by local authority district became Britain's second largest city.

The image you see below was taken in Chamberlain Square, a public square in Birmingham. It was named after Joseph Chamberlain, a famous and influential British who is a statesman, politician and businessman. This square is adjacent to Victoria Square.

The buildings located in this square include the Town Hall, the Central Library of Birmingham, the Council House, Big Brum, Birmingham Museum of Art and Gallery and Paradise Forum.

The Chamberlain Memorial and the Town Hall in the background. I believed the other monument is either of James Watt or Joseph Priestly. This was taken during my visit last Oct.-Nov. 2008 in Birmingham, England.



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