Thursday, June 9, 2011

Important Guides and Reminders Before Taking Your Vacation

I know there are a lot out there who are experts about this topic. I might not be, but I have enough experience to share with you. Let me begin with the basics. There are a lot of things we need to consider when planning or before going for a trip or vacation. As a frequent traveler, I have a lot of experiences to impart to those who want to travel. Things you should do and prepare before going for your holiday. Here are some travel guides and tips I wish to share to all those who are still beginners in the travel world.

Cash, Currencies and Cards

For me these are the most important things you need to consider when travelling, cash currencies and cards. Most members of the European Union countries are now using Euro currency. Some countries in Europe like England, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Norway are using their own monetary unit. It is not a problem because you can find a lot of money or currency exchange shops at the airport, train stations and banks.

There are sites online like where you can convert one currency to another currency. You can also purchase an electronic foreign exchange rate converter. Some cellphone apps or cellphone companies are having this feature now.

Cards like Visa, Maestro, Cirrus and most debit cards are widely accepted nowadays. It is advisable not to carry more cash than you can afford to lose. There are ATMs everywhere. You can also carry a traveller check which is safer. I hope you are also aware that credit cards are safer to use that debit cards.

Before You Go

You should take steps to ensure that no break-in will happen when you are away. This is especially true if there have been any break-ins in your area. You can ask your neighbours to keep a watchful eye for suspicious people and their activities. Request you neighbour to call the police if ever there are suspicious people around.

Some people who are members of social networks like facebook, myspace, tagged, etcetera are announcing their vacation on their walls and shout-outs. Beware of these, the burglars might have an idea that you are not at home. Lastly, don't announce your forthcoming holiday plans in the newspaper or tabloids. It might cause you or your properties some harm.

my very important travel gadget. I must bring my camera with me every time I travel.

What to Take

With the exploding prices of gasoline these days, most airlines are reducing their allowed baggage both check-in and hand carry. I remember during my first vacation to the Philippines where I am allowed up to 35 kilos for check-in and 12 kilos for hand carry. That was 2004. During my last vacation last 2009-2010, my check-in luggage was only 30 kilos and hand carry was 7 kilos. Imagine the difference.

This is only a reminder that we need to only take the most important things we need. I know you don't want to be left in your flight, only because of overweight in your luggage.

There is a saying that says, "Half the clothes and twice the money". This simply means that bring as little as possible. You don't know if you are still shopping for clothes and sometimes overweight luggage can give you stress. Bring only the things that you importantly need. Bring with you one medium-size suitcase, with wheels is lighter. I usually have an extra shoulder bag where I put important travel documents. I also bring a smaller bag where I put some personal items. If you follow this rule, you will surely have a comfortable trip.

I always see to it that I always bring with me an extra sweater. This is especially true if you are travelling in Europe. Sometimes there are countries that have changing weather condition. Brief cold spells in Europe are not uncommon. I also bring with me some pens and notebooks because I usually write a travel journal. Slip-in a small pocket flashlight in your shoulder bag together with collapsible umbrella. Also take with you adapter plugs and electrical converter for your electrical appliances. European voltage is 220.

I truly recommend luggage with wheels. I only have a two-wheel luggage at the moment. I want to buy a four-wheel luggage soon.

I guess these reminders and tips will help you in your journey. Have a safe and enjoyable trip to all travellers out there.



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