Monday, July 11, 2011

Holiday Parks U.K. versus Holidays in Europe

When considering holidays in Europe, most people make the automatic assumption that the continental mainland, or perhaps a Mediterranean island, is the obvious choice of location. However, the fact is that we are all Europeans, at least currently, and so perhaps the holiday parks UK provided by operators like Park Resorts should be considered as part of the mix. Here we look at some of the advantages of taking a break in holiday parks UK versus heading off to mainland Europe.

The primary criteria for many when booking the annual summer holiday is the chance for some more or less guaranteed sun. On this front, it must be said that at first glance, continental Europe appears to have the advantage over the average UK holiday parks. However, when you start to consider this issue, the advantages of blazing sunshine are not all so obvious.

There is often quite a narrow threshold between nice sunshine and simply being too hot. How many times have you waited for weeks for your holiday, and then hours at the airport, to arrive at a Mediterranean location and find yourself perspiring like mad! We’ll return again to the issue of airport travel shortly, but first there are several other reasons why good weather is not necessarily being baking hot.

The cost of sun cream, if you are to adequately protect yourself from the risk of skin cancer, can really rack up over the course of a two week holiday. Add to this the inevitability of insect bites at night when staying in a hot country, and holidays in the U.K. may start to seem more appealing – although it should be noted that a holiday in many parts of Scotland after mid-May can rival any location in the world for insect bites, courtesy of the midges.

The real crunch issue has got to be the cost and hassle of travelling abroad, and this is all down to the chaos and restrictions of modern air travel. On top of the official travel time, there are the inevitable delays, not to mention those stages of the journey where you are simply expected to queue for prolonged periods. Security restrictions, and the demise of duty free, have made the whole process far less appealing than in the past. To top it all off, the leg room available on modern budget flights can turn a few hours into a physical ordeal that is truly uncomfortable. So here’s to the British summer, jackets and umbrellas, and proper pints of bitter!



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