Thursday, July 21, 2011

Riding Gondola in Venice, Italy

It was the reason why I always wanted to go back to Venice, Italy. I had been to this city twice but was not able to ride a gondola. Finally during my third visit last July 3, 2011 I finally experienced it.

How much does a gondola ride cost? I asked about five gondoliers and they answered me almost the same. A ride for about 30 minutes costs 80.00 Euros maximum 6 people. A forty five minutes ride range from 120-150 Euros. If you are alone or two or three people, that is quite expensive. I heard somebody talking last time that he don't want to ride a gondola because it is very expensive. For me it is quite different. That is the reason why I went back there. Besides the experience of riding a gondola is for me priceless. Every tourist has its own wants and goals when visiting a certain place and I always respect it.

For now, I am quite happy and contented because of a gondola ride experience. I still want to visit Venice in the future. That is to witness its famous Carnival of Venice.

a narrow canal in Venice. One of the canals we passed-by during our gondola ride.

Gondolas parked at their moorings.



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